How does the packaging design affect the brand image?

What customers value most in the e-commerce industry are individual approach, flexibility, creativity and non-standard solutions. How can the packaging design influence the brand image?

Packaging design and brand image

Contemporary customer in e-commerce is a customer with high requirements, for whom attention to detail, professional service, speed of order realization and individual treatment is important.

The brand image is influenced by such elements as

  • professional and transparent website
  • visibility of the company in social media
  • consumer advice
  • visibility of the company in the network
  • problem-free and flexible delivery
  • professional service and order processing

Branding can also be implemented on the basis of packaging design. How to stand out from the market with a box?

Packaging design – how to distinguish a company from the competition?

Packaging design plays a key role in the sales process. The appearance of the box must be consistent with the image of the company and distinguish the product from other competitive products. It is worth making sure that the box surprises with an idea for design and unusual workmanship. Personalized aesthetic packaging can contribute to your customer’s unboxing experience. Therefore, it is worth moving away from the standards and schemes and giving the customer a box, which in itself will be an exceptional gift and will be associated with the company.

The possibilities of personalization are endless:

  • If you produce luxury goods (e.g. jewellery), it is worth to install in the box an elegant pillow that will expose your product.
  • If your product is intended for children, the colours of the packaging should reflect its character.
  • If your product is often purchased as a corporate gift, the right design and personalisation possibilities will contribute to its sales success.

Non-standard and creative packaging evokes strong, positive emotions in customers and consequently builds trust in the brand. Product packaging has a huge advertising potential and can be used as an effective tool to build a company’s image, you only need to know how to use it!

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